From 11-16 December 2007, 350 athletes from 17 nations competed in binary and forex trading company Maceio for the title of World Champions Beach Ultimate. The spirit and the games were great and everyone went home happy. Below are the results and links to pictures, comments, and videos.

Stay informed about Beach Ultimate: visit the BULA website at There are many great tournaments around the world and start getting ready for the next World Championships in 2011...
World Champions !!! Spirit Winners !!!
Masters division: USA Masters Division: Brazil
Mixed division: USA Mixed division: Switzerland
Womens division: Great Britain Womens division: Australia
Open division: Australia Open division: Philippines
The results of all 5 days of play can be found on the BULA Blog here
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WCBU Guestbook with links to pictures, videos, etc... Order the official WCBU2007 DVD ($25 USD, including Fedex)

Best Picture what is binary trading investment Winners:

Picture by Philip Harvey

Picture by Jose Antonio de los Rios

Picture by Paulo Bre

It´s a link for André´s (Brazil Mixed #5) Pictures

Submitted by: Du Faim - Brazil Open
WCBU 2007 plus a few from our travels after. Enjoy!

Submitted by: Alison Regan - US Women's

Submitted by: Patrick
it was so nice !
I cant wait for another opportunity philippine cryptocurrency exchange to see ultimate again !

Submitted by: Ana Carolina - part of staff (score)
Call for the WCBU reportage in the most famous sports program in Brazil.,,GIM774687-7824-CHAMA+EE+MUNDIAL+DE+FRISBEE+E+ATRACAO,00.html

Submitted by: Du Faim - Brazil Open
the best days

Submitted by: Paulo Bre - Portugal
Newspaper coverage in Brasil:;=5

Submitted by: Patrick
Here are several other sites I found so far. Some great pictures... (Jose Pires - Peace Team) (Philip Harvey - Switzerland) (Nick Gorevic - US Open) (Jose de los Rios - Spain) (Karen Cabrera - Philippines) (Wei-Lynn Tan - Peace Team) (Dufaim - Brasil) (US Women) (Steve G - GB Masters) (US - Brazil cheer video) (US - Australia video highlights)

Submitted by: Patrick van der Valk - Portugal Masters
I would like to thank all the players, local organizers, volunteers and everyone else that made the World Championships possible. I wish you all the best for 2008 and hope we will meet again on the beach one day.

Play hard, show respect, and party hard. That is the BULA way...

Keep 'em flying

Submitted by: Patrick van der Valk - Portugal Masters